XPB001 - Christmas Beagle Bauble
XPB003 - Christmas Border Collie Bauble
XPB004 - Christmas Bulldog  Bauble
XPB005 - Christmas Cavalier King Charles Bauble
XPB006 - Christmas Chihuahua Bauble
XPB009 - Christmas German Shepherd Bauble
XPB010 - Christmas Ginger Cat Bauble
XPB011 - Christmas Jack Russell Bauble
XPB012 - Christmas Labrador - Black Bauble
XPB013 - Christmas Labrador - Yellow Bauble
XPB014 - Christmas Maltese Bauble
XPB016 - Christmas Poodle Bauble
XPB018 - Christmas Rottweiler Bauble
XPB019 - Christmas Shih Tzu Bauble
XPB020 - Christmas Staffy Bauble
XPB021 - Christmas Westie Bauble
XPB022 - Christmas Yorkie Bauble
XPB023 - Christmas Cat Black  Bauble
XPB024 - Christmas Cat Tabby  Bauble

XPB001-XPB024 Christmas Pet Baubles

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  • Size - 5cm (2 inches)